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Grateful Dead Live at Orpheum Theatre on 1976-07-18

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Grateful Dead Live at Orpheum Theatre on 1976-07-18

Publication date 1976-07-18 (check for other copies)
Topics Live concert
Collection GratefulDead
Band/Artist Grateful Dead
Mississippi Half Step, Cassidy, Row Jimmy, Mama Tried, Scarlet Begonias, Looks Like Rain, Tennessee Jed, Minglewood Blues, Loser, The Music Never Stopped Might As Well, Samson & Delilah, Candyman, Lazy Lightning-> Supplication-> Let It Grow-> Drums-> Let It Grow-> Wharf Rat-> The Other One-> Saint Stephen-> Not Fade Away-> Saint Stephen-> The Wheel-> The Other One-> Stella Blue, Sugar Magnolia, E: Johnny B. Goode


S : PreFM > MR > PCM > DAT > CDA > DAW (Bertha) > CDA - d1t01 and d3
S : FM > R > DAT > CDA > DAW (Bertha) > CDA - d1t02-d2t07
Bertha Remaster by

Extraction and .shn encoding by Alan J Fink ( via EAC and MKW.
Proper extraction and sector boundaries verified via EAC and shntool.


Reviewer: bgately - - July 18, 2013
Subject: Anniversary and Anticipation of It's day in History
OK - I was born in 58 so you know where I am coming from!

I write this to move it up in the queue; if you have not had the chance to come across it previously you will be pleasantly surprised -

The whole run seems good, but this one has the inspiration of new material and re-arrangements of the "classics" to be a joy. The existential and quintessential deadhead reason for being "on the bus"... something old, new, borrowed and blue, always presented in a unique way. I think of the story of Scheherazade's One Thousand and One Night's, we know the structure of plot, character and resolution - but each performance left us in the state of of satisfaction yet yearning for more.

Can we as an audience ask for more? Not until the buzz wore off and we were in extreme anticipation for the next night's show!

Thank you to the archive, is there anything more "Deadlike" on the internet?
Reviewer: LUCY-25 - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 18, 2012
Subject: 1/2 step
starts out first set with halfstep then cassidy. Nuff said
Reviewer: Grant Cuthbert - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 31, 2011
Subject: Prefer this source
I've been going back and forth for a while between the two sources, and the reality is, they're each better than the other in certain parts of the show - this source has more hiss in some first set songs. But like a lot of others, stella blue is what counts here for me.

The other source is a bit hard to take during Stella due to that annoying buzz/ hiss - this source still has a little - but when you crank the volume, this one catches that amazing performace much better. Jerry's vocals are clear and it just has a wonderful ambience to it.

One of the absolute best vocal performances from Garcia.
Reviewer: Zaorish - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - April 5, 2011
Subject: Show: AAA++++. Sound: Much better than the others.
The show is f***king amazing.

The sound here is WAAY better than the other SBD source. How to tell? Easy. Turn up the volume, then load this page and the other SBD page side by side. First play the Stella from one (just a few secs will do), then the other.

The difference? This source, the quiet moments are clean. In the other, there is a grating, migrane-inducing *BZZZZZZZZZZ* sound that blares through every quiet moment in the music.

Conclusion: Download this source. It's way better.
Reviewer: CosmicGeordie - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - August 30, 2010
Subject: Unique and fantastic St. Stephen
Among the many highlights from this awesome show is one of the best “lazy” St. Stephens (slow and a little funky) from this “comeback” era for the band. This version has very melodic leads and an intro where Jerry incorporates some very playful phrasing into the classic riff lines. I’ve listened to it 100,000 times and it still makes me smile. And I remember being determined to learn it note for note when I started playing guitar. Just one of the best Stephens ever: different and less spooky, but a unique interpretation/arrangement that clearly refreshed the song for the band and gave new legs to a former concert staple that would keep it in fairly frequent rotation for at least a few more years. As discussed earlier, there’s also some real fatback from Phil throughout this show. Ohhh what I would give to have been there on this night…but alas… I was only six years old. Oh well. Thank you for this particular show as it was one of my favorite tapes from back in the day, but I only had a scratchy copy of the otherwise beautiful and rockin’ second set.
Reviewer: Deadheadable - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - July 19, 2010
Subject: '76
I was at this show and was 21 years old and I still have my ticket stub and yes it was $6.50 Have a letter from a friend and he was upset abour the sur-charges at UCSB $7.50...We had it made. Garcia later!
Reviewer: Evan S. Hunt - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 7, 2008
Subject: Because of the Pre-FM Feed
We get an accurate representation of what Phil sounded like that night in an old, gilt-edged movie palace built in the 20's on Market Street in downtown San Francisco.

For some listeners, it is too much bass -- bottoms out in places due to the original recordist's inattention unto recording levels. One may have to re-adjust personal levels to suit.

Nevertheless, at certain sequences, if one would be able to distinguish the lower tones on the spectrum, one would viscerally appreciate the entire clasp, re: defining the innermost dimensions of the electric bass and all its particular outer limits.

You will have to listen to decide for yourself, but, I guarantee, it will be worth your effort even if the bass is sadly overdriven, in places, throughout.

This show conjures many fond memories, so, perhaps, it really doesn't matter what songs they did or how they did them. The ambient sound -- well punctuated with Phil in all his splendor -- renders every song sweet and yet it pulverizes you, as well. You're like dripping honey hamburger captured in amber at the end of this.

On a side note: During outro of Might As Well there is an audible explosion.

Note the unusual grouping to start the second set: MAW, Sansom, Candyman, Lazy Lightning>Supplication>Let It Grow>Drumz. The band was obviously trying new things in its triumphant return to the stage!
Reviewer: t-bone perkins - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 6, 2008
Subject: two sources
imho-this source as with most "bertha remasters"sound better on portable players or on ipods.the other source sounds better on a nice system w/decent speakers,it has a warmer sound which I prefer.both sound very good-it just depends how you play back the music.I have made a few comparisons w/the bertha remasters and this seems to be true with most of them.thanks to everyone who remasters/tweaks and makes these recordings available for us to far as the show - you cant deny its a 5 star and probably one of the best available for any year!
Reviewer: wrkster - favoritefavoritefavorite - December 6, 2008
Subject: Quality on 2 sources comparable
I like the sound on the other source better on my system, but this source doesn't sound bad if I keep the treble flat. On the other source I turn the treble & bass up and it sounds better to me than this source. This source has better bass but the all around sound doesn't seem as good to me. This source might be cleaner sounding but I chose to listen to the other source because to my ears it sounds better.
Reviewer: snow_and_rain - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - November 15, 2008
Subject: This source is waaaaay better
Listen to the Stella if you want to compare them. It's one of the greatest versions of one of the all-time great Jerry ballads.
Reviewer: PhotonBoy - favoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - October 8, 2008
Subject: One of the great ones..
The show itself is a 10 star as far as I'm concerned. This one ranks up there with the 8/27/72 Springfield Creamery Benefit as one of the most heartfelt and musically tight Dead shows I've ever heard, although I still have to listen to a few thousand other shows to really make that call ; > I knocked a star off for the audience being cut out of the tracks which takes away from the feeling of really being there that I get listening to an uncut show. I haven't listened to the other version of this show posted here but the text says that the guy who posted it got it from J. Ashley, who mastered this version, so I'm assuming it's basically the same. If anyone out there has a line on an uncut full version of this show please let me know. I would give my left arm for it (I'm right handed so I'd still get by ok). Thank you a thousand times for posting this show!

P.S. If anyone out there is interested I have this sbd and will gladly B&P. Cheers.
Reviewer: Randy B. Goode - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - January 20, 2008
Subject: There Is NOTHING Like a(n) Orpheum Concert
My third show and the night I got on the bus. Anyone else remember the Bill Graham planned 'surprise' with the noise makers and bathing beauties, and the beautiful Blues For Allah backdrop? I also remember the 18 year old who went in with a $6.50 BASS ticket came out 3 inches off the ground - and never looked back.
Thank you Mr. Graham, RIP.
Reviewer: Mr. Charlie - Lambertville - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - December 16, 2007
Subject: this rips
This show rips!! The quality is far better than the last SBD to post here. The low end is crispy. Terrific night!!!
Reviewer: rollandfin - favoritefavoritefavorite - October 11, 2005
Subject: HMMMMM
Hard to agree with the previous review, the sound is clearly more hissy here than on the other copy, which I might as well add sounds great. 76 was alright with me. Great show, check out the alternative SBD. Ill eat my hat if I'm wrong.
Reviewer: StrawRider - favoritefavoritefavoritefavoritefavorite - September 28, 2005
Subject: Attention: Majorly Improved Audio!
Best Show of 1976
And as dr. flashback wrote about that statement as it applied to the first SBD available here: No hat eating. Although there are some great shows in June at Boston Music Hall and The Beacon, this show is incredibly good. I've just replaced my old song files with these...yum! They're delicious. Enjoy!
Thanks to Jay for the Bertha remasterwork and everyone else involved in getting this version of this standout show available to us now.
This is a no-brainer. Five Skulls.
And no eating of hats.
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